Criminal Defense Lawyer

As an Indiana based Criminal Defense lawyer Indianapolis, The Law Office of Jesse K. Sanchez can help clients with Drug Trafficking, DUI's, Aggravated Assault as well as many other felonies and misdemeanors. As an experienced Indianapolis DUI Defense Attorney, Jesse K. Sanchez is a cheap criminal defense lawyer Indianapolishas been helping clients in Marion County for several years. Please, call us at 317-721-9858 for a free consultation today!

When you are facing a criminal charge, unfortunately everything about your life has just been turned upside down and you need someone to help you through immediately. Many people make the mistake of choosing a lawyer who does not care about their future, resulting in a defense that’s been executed poorly. Bad representation in court can do you more harm than good. If you are ready to take control of your life, then call Jesse K. Sanchez. Jesse is ready to zealously meet your needs. Before he has a bail bonds near me.


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